valid from: November 9th 2021

Terms & Conditions

  1. General
    1. Terms and Conditions (T&C) are applicable for the current website and its sub-pages (the Website), owned by Taagzi TÜ (Taagzi)
    2. By using the Website, the User confirms reading, understanding and accepting given T&C in full.
    3. Main purpose of the Website is to offer a service (Service) to create their gift wishlists and share the lists with everybody.
  2. Use of the Service, User's rights and obligations
    1. To create an account in the Service, the User enters their e-mail address.
    2. After the transfer of the respective data and acceptance of the T&C, the user account is considered created, after which the User has the right to use the Service.
    3. The User is self-responsible for any damage caused by the use of the Service by means of the User's secret keys that have come into the possession of a Third Party due to the User's own actions / omissions.
    4. The User undertakes to use the Service only in accordance with the law - if Taagzi identifies the User's illegal activities, Taagzi has the right to immediately remove the User from the Service.
  3. Taagzi's rights and obligations
    1. Taagzi has the right to restrict the User's access to the Service if the User violates these T&C or if Taagzi has a reason to suspect violation of the T&C.
    2. Taagzi has the right to temporarily suspend access to the Service if it is necessary for the purpose of technical changes, innovations, maintenance work or to prevent cyber attacks.
    3. Taagzi undertakes not to disclose the User's data to third parties, except for the purposes described in privacy terms and transfer of data on the grounds prescribed by law.
  4. Cost of the service
    1. There is no cost to use the base service and it is free of charge for the user.
    2. User can upgrade the list to premium level by paying a small one-time fee. Fee size is defined on the upgrade ordering page.
    3. The additional features gained with the premium level are defined on the same upgrade ordering page.
    4. Premium level fee is paid once per list and the level is activated right after making the payment.
    5. Premium level fee is non-refundable.
  5. Service cancellation
    1. To opt out of the service, User must contact Kingilist's customer service at kirjuta[at] and provide the email address to be removed together with related data.
  6. Information contained on the Website
    1. Taagzi, for its part, makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on the Website is accurate and complete, however, Taagzi does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and is not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of such information.
  7. Limited liability
    1. The content of the website is for use on an "as is" basis. Taagzi makes no warranties as to the content of the Website or the information contained therein. Taagzi shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of the Website, even if Taagzi was aware of the existence of an error on the Website.
  8. Copyright
    1. Information contained on the Website, including the design and software of the Website, is the property of Taagzi, unless otherwise stated, and may only be used for non-commercial purposes.
    2. Product trademarks, product images presented on the Website belong to their respective owner companies.
    3. References and hyperlinks (including deep links to sub-pages) to the Service and Taagzi are permitted, provided that they do not provide false, misleading or derogatory information about the Service or Taagzi and do not distort the Service.
  9. Links
    1. Links to third-party websites on the Website are not considered Taagzi's endorsement of the services or products offered on those websites. The use of such links is at the user's own risk and Taagzi is not responsible for the content, availability or use of such sites. Taagzi does not warrant the truthfulness, accuracy, reasonableness, reliability or thoroughness of the information contained on such pages.
  10. Modification of the Terms and Conditions
    1. Taagzi has the right to unilaterally change the T&C of the Service if changes in applicable legislation or practices, technical or substantive developments in the respective field or services, creation of additional or better opportunities for Users in the Services or the need to specify circumstances related to the provision or use of the Services arises such need. Taagzi notifies the User of any changes to the T&C via the Service no later than 14 calendar days in advance.
  11. Applicable law and jurisdiction
    1. The law of the Republic of Estonia applies to the Website, the Terms and Conditions and the Service. All disputes arising from the use of the Website or Service and the Terms and Conditions are subject to the courts of the Republic of Estonia.